What You Really Need to "Lose Weight"...Spoiler: It’s Not the Gym

{DATE -1} January 2022

We surveyed twenty-thousand readers asking what they most wanted to change about themselves and found that ‘losing weight’ topped the list.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a bunch of different ways to lose weight and always failed to keep off the weight.

But that might be about to change forever…

A Delaware woman named Carrie Baker has revealed the ‘missing link’ to long-term weight loss, and her story has recently gone viral on social media.

This missing link is NOT a ‘miracle weight loss pill’ or ‘celebrity endorsed diet plan’

Her video on mindful fat loss has taken social media by storm.

It reveals her discovery of an ancient Buddhist technique that can help anyone lose weight and keep it off. 

You might have already seen the informative video presentation (it has been shared over 400K times!) in which Carrie reveals how a chance meeting with a Buddhist monk helped her lose over 60 pounds in just 60 days.

Carrie explains how this 15-minute ancient practice melted the fat off:

“Buddhist Monks have been using this technique for centuries, and once I began to practice the simple trick for myself, I lost weight so fast it blew my mind.”

While it certainly sounds too good to be true, the thousands of success stories pouring in from around the world prove otherwise.

Carrie’s 15-minute technique has thousands of reviews, and many people who watched her presentation say: “This is life changing information.”

One user called @BlueMoon1111 commented: “I’ll never go to the gym again, and never cut calories, because I never have to worry about being fat ever again.”

A year ago, Carrie Baker wasn’t in a good place. A cheating husband, unsupportive children, and no time to focus on herself. 

“I only thought about others, I didn’t put myself first…this led me to corner-cutting eating habits which caused me to pack on the pounds.”

Viewers of the video resonated strongly with Carrie’s ‘feelings’ toward specific food habits.

“I would binge eat when I was stressed, worried, or upset—almost like my mind was doing the eating instead of my gut.”

Carrie’s miracle weight loss technique does exactly that…it helps “switch off” the mind’s desire to binge eat, especially when under stress.

So, what do you really need to lose weight?

It appears that dramatic weight loss starts with a positive reason behind that desire.
“If your weight loss goals represent a need for self-respect and spiritual growth, you can manifest fat loss much faster than if your reasons stem from anxiety. Once I practiced guided meditation with Monk Lamai, the weight melted right off.”

World renowned psychologist Ant Branson also had something to say about Carrie’s ‘missing link’ presentation:

“Everyone talks about how the Law of Attraction can manifest mansions, cars, and riches, but rarely do we talk about manifesting our dream body. Why not? It’s all about priorities. Elevate your self-confidence and spirituality by manifesting your dream body…the riches will follow.” 

It appears that’s exactly what Carrie did. She now lives in Manhattan with her music producer fiancé, and runs a successful consultancy business from home. 

Watch her Viral Video here.

Update: Since publishing this article, the viral video was taken off most online platforms when leading fitness brands rallied against Carrie’s simple weight-loss technique. You might still be able to watch the video HERE.

Click Here To Watch Carrie's Incredible Transformation