"It's All In The Mind" Thai Monk Helped This Woman Lose 65 Pounds WITHOUT Diet and Exercise

{DATE -1} January 2022

Buddhist monks take a vow to alleviate suffering, and that’s exactly what led this Delaware woman to meditate with a monk.

A cheating husband, loneliness, and desperation for escape sent Carrie Baker on an impulsive trip across the world.

What happened next stunned her, and then the world, as she shared how she dropped 60 pounds in just 60 days.

"No-Diet No-Exercise Spiritual Workout Was A Well-Kept Buddhist Secret…Until Now."

When we first published Carrie’s dramatic weight loss story a month ago, our readers reached out with their own experiences of receiving powerful signals from the universe.

Carrie admits she felt like she was trapped in a cycle of suffering: working out, starving, not losing weight, binge-eating…and repeat.

Now famous Carrie Baker shares her wisdom in a new video about how she lost 60lbs. in 60 days after a chance meeting with a Buddhist monk whilst on vacation. 

A 15-minute Buddhist ritual helped Carrie relieve her suffering–the ‘endless torment of exercise and starvation’ to lose the weight that was keeping her from living a full life.

“What I learned from Monk Lamai is backed by John Hopkins and Harvard research. This ritual is a spiritual workout—WITHOUT the sweat and tears that follow traditional exercise.” 

Carrie talks about how ‘fate’ and ‘the universe’ guided her to a new life.

While modern science backs the universe’s mysterious ways of manifesting desires in your actual reality, it’s Carrie’s discovery of ‘a simple Buddhist ritual’ that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know…

Buddhist mantras and traditions stimulate the senses and are frequently endorsed by celebs.

That’s exactly why wellness spas charge thousands for these ancient ‘treatments’ that promote health and anti-aging. 

Her online presentation on the Buddhist weight loss technique is absolutely FREE, and has faced severe backlash from leading ‘health and fitness’ companies.
“Big fitness brands hate my guts.”

Carrie laughed unapologetically when we reached out for comment.

I'm not here to make money. All I want is to spread the word that fitness gurus and diet-pill people have been making millions while you and I starved and sweated.”

Carrie remains adamant that all credit goes to Monk Lamai for sharing the ancient Buddhist practice.

“If I’d refused to listen to the signs, I wouldn’t be here telling my story right now. I wouldn’t be 68 lbs. lighter, and I wouldn’t be living the amazing life I have now.”

Carrie Baker is an influencer, a charity activist, and a financial consultant. She has now moved to New York and lives with her music producer fiancé.
Within 5 hours of posting her video, it had 400K views and is considered viral.
One person commented:

“The facts she’s sharing about my food habits are shockingly accurate. If this actually works, it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve wanted my whole life.”

Another reader named @DrTabbott commented: “The science behind her unique spiritual weight loss technique is 100% accurate, and I’m going to recommend this to a few of my patients who’ve struggled to lose weight for years.”

Watch: How public humiliation and a Buddhist monk became the catalyst to my 60lbs weight loss

No-workout no-diet weight loss? 

Sign me up! I’d pick idle mind-exercise over a CrossFit session any day. 

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