Law Of Subtraction? How To Lose Weight with Manifestation and Mindfulness

{DATE -1} January 2022

Celebrity Nutritionist and Best-Selling Author Alma White says this simple ancient mind practice could be the biggest discovery for losing weight fast—and keeping it off.

Alma is referring to the viral weight-loss video by Carrie Baker, which has been shared more than 400,0000 times.

“I call it the Law of Subtraction. Nothing comes close to the dramatic fat loss results my clients have experienced with this technique.”

Alma’s celeb clients burned off 4 times more fat by using this mind technique than they ever did with strength training and running. 

“I wish I hadn't signed an NDA, because then you’d all know the secret behind those celeb weight loss transformations you see in the news.”

Fitness Gurus fear that this video could ‘kill’ their multi-billion-dollar industry.

Alma White says ‘spiritual mind workouts’ are a breakthrough in how we approach weight loss, and her celeb clients can’t get enough. 

Alma is raving about this weight-loss video that reveals the ‘missing link’ to lifelong weight management. 

“This weight loss trick is the ‘missing link’ we didn’t even know was missing.”

By combining guided meditation with structured thoughts of manifestation, a Delaware woman named Carrie Baker lost 60 pounds in 60 days.

Alma White says: “I’ve been in the industry for 23 years, and if my estimates are correct, this 15-minute mindful weight loss practice will have an impact that’s bigger than all so-called fitness companies combined.”

controversial video reveals an ancient mind trick that’s been practiced by Traditional Buddhist Monks for centuries.

Within only a few days, Carrie’s video had over a million views and 400K shares.

Feedback for this missing link for weight loss has been overwhelming, and people are sharing stories of how it has changed their life.

One person who watched the presentation commented:
“All the time and money I wasted on trainers without losing any weight. I wish I’d known about this 10 years ago!”

Another person said:
“I could relate to the struggles Carrie experienced when she was overweight. Being overweight and failing to lose weight chips away at your self-confidence. I felt irrelevant when I was fat, and the results from her guided technique have been mind-blowing.”

Hear Carrie’s powerful experience, and it’s clear why the ancient mindful technique for fat loss works for everyone. 

Carrie was recently invited to speak at a medical conference in Europe, to speak about her amazing weight loss discovery.

Watch her presentation here.

Click Here To Watch Carrie's Incredible Transformation