Revealed: Diet Supplement Manufacturers Lose Millions As People Discover Incredible Weight-Loss Secret

{DATE -1} January 2022

It’s true: working out and cutting calories does help us drop the pounds.

But ask anyone who’s walked that path, and they’ll break the bad news: You only keep the weight off until you stop dieting.

Stop the diets and workouts and you’ll pile on the pounds–plus some, as penance.

This circular loop of misery and disappointment is exactly what’s made the fitness industry blow up during the last two decades.

Worth over $100 Billion, the global fitness industry has banked on keeping suckers boxed inside this endless cycle of weight-loss euphoria and weight-gain guilt.

Within just a few years, fitness experts, gurus, and diet-pill manufacturers became millionaires.

Only because you and I kept doling out hard-earned cash, as we willingly subscribed to this guilt-shame cycle.

But one woman’s discovery of a ‘spiritual workout’ has changed everything.

And the $100 Billion fitness industry is uniting to silence her incredible story.

Carrie Baker’s story was first published online in 2021, when she lost 60lbs in 60 days without workouts (also called ‘manual labor’), and without diets (aka ‘starvation’).

Within a few hours, her mindblowing story was shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

But it wasn’t her dramatic weight loss that got people talking—it was the simple ‘mind key’ that helped her drop the pounds–one that she’s sharing with the world.

A spiritual workout; 15-minute mindfulness practice that’s been a pillar in traditional monkhood for years.

Until now, this miraculous Buddhist ritual and its weight loss benefits were a secret…

We already know how powerful these Buddhist mantras and traditions are.  Similar ancient practices that stimulate the senses have already been widely adapted by the modern world.

Luxury spas charge thousands of dollars for traditional procedures that promote health and healing. 

Carrie’s journey of using this ‘mind key’ and losing 60+ lbs. in only 60 days proves that our mind determines everything we achieve in this life.

In her short presentation, Carrie Baker sheds light on a scientific fact: the intensely profound connection between mind and body.

Think about it… 

Does the diet plan fail, or does your willpower to stick to it fail? 
Does an exercise class fail, or you can’t commit to it consistently?

It’s the mind that’s behind all the hard work.

But this Buddhist practice works without any workouts or calorie cutting. Losing weight with thought—who would've thought?!

“Think Yourself Thin—it actually works. Our thoughts generate spiritual energies in the actual universe. People have manifested Lamborghinis with the power of mind! What's a little weight loss? All you need is to know how…so your ‘skinny thoughts’ manifest in this world.” 

The spiritual workout is a mindfulness ritual…and Carrie reveals all in her latest Video.

Update: If you can’t access the video, it’s because fitness companies and diet-pill manufacturers are fighting to keep Carrie’s video off the Internet.

We’ll keep updating the link, but we apologize if the video has been taken down permanently.

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