Gone-Viral: This Woman Found Love and Money Thanks To a FREE Psychic Reading

{DATE -1} January 2022

We surveyed twelve thousand readers and asked them to share the biggest struggle they’re facing…

‘Moving on’ topped the list.

‘Making money’ was a close second.

‘Meeting my soulmate’ came third.

Most of the time, people trapped in misery, debt, and heartbreak can’t see hope at the end of the tunnel.

According to this single mom and now millionaire entrepreneur, “That’s what keeps us from getting out of the funk.”

There's a consensus on how the law of attraction can manifest in one’s life…and Rylee’s story is proof that the universe doesn’t attract anything when you aren’t searching for it.

After a live-chat 'reading' with the internet-famous Psychic Veronique, Rylee's life changed forever.

A small-town wannabe influencer, she was struggling to make ends meet after she lost her job, and her boyfriend ran off with another woman.

Left with a child to feed, her small group of followers watched as she reached out to a psychic for kicks…

...And Ended Up Launching a Multi-Million-Dollar Business Within 4 Months!

Rylee’s story was picked up by major news networks, where she always ended up ‘being attacked’ for her views and defending Psychic Veronique.

When discussing Psychic Veronique's Live-Chat Psychic Readings, Rylee said:

“I’d spent thousands on a therapist who heard my problems but offered no roadmap to solving them.”

“Psychic Veronique saw that I was heading toward personal and financial destruction. I’d become cynical about love and doubted my ability to succeed.

This negative energy had formed tentacles around me—grown roots of self-destruction—and that affected my future prospects of attracting wealth and love.”

Updating her now 2 million followers on her life after finding love and money, Rylee said almost all of us have one thing in common…

“We’re Always Trying to Move on From Something…Heartbreak, Loss, Trauma, Depravation.”

She also admitted that she understood people’s reluctance to get a Psychic Reading.

“Getting a reading from an authentic psychic involves giving up control, and that can be scary. My Psychic reading reminded me of options and pathways that I wasn’t focusing on...so it’s like a spotlight on opportunities that exist but need your attention.

Your reading doesn’t alter what happens in your future, your actions do.”

“My reading gave me a 12-month roadmap of actions I could do if I chose…actions that would lead to a better outcome…and they did.”

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Now hundreds of people have shared their interactions with Psychic Veronique, the woman Rylee said "changed her life forever".

I tested the famous psychic by reaching out for a private reading.

Surprisingly, there were no magical theatrics that we’ve come to expect from so-called ‘psychics.’ But she did say highlight some personal difficulties that I should be prepared to endure for a while longer.

I’d have laughed if she’d predicted the opposite—because my life’s an absolute mess right now... but who honestly has their life together these days!?

Can’t blame the woman for being honest...

If she’s wrong, good for me. If she’s right, at least I’m prepared.

Update: After we broke the story, a massive influx of visitors made her website crash.

Due to overwhelming demand, Psychic Veronique has now limited her readings to 2-3 per day.

Please expect a waitlist when you reach out for guidance!

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